[1] At every stage of the project, proper attribution is necessary. For all the figures, data, plots and information that you use, please give references — be it a book, or journal, or web page from which you are collecting the information.

[2] Please do not cut and paste written material from elsewhere. Write in your own words and give references for the ideas.

[3] If an idea comes out of your discussion with somebody, please make a note of it in your write-up.

[4] Feel free to explore the ideas by others and contribute ideas and constructive suggestions.

[5] Free, frank, fearless and fair are our mantra.

[6] Go as deep as possible.

[7] Make sure that your writing is intelligible for somebody with scientific/engineering training but who is not from your area of specialisation.

[8] If you think any of your other friends might be able to make valid contributions, feel free to invite her/him.

[9] Maintain a courteous language at all times and criticise only the ideas and not people.

[10] Enjoy — pleasure is the only reason why we are doing this!

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